Supply me with your logo or design and I will make it into a high quality rubber stamp with a solid wood handle for you to use for years to come!

All handles are made from re-purposed hand rails!  I love this idea as railing supplies are the perfect hold for your stamp and I love being able to give new life to old wood!  With that being said not all handles will look exactly the same as the wood grain does vary with each piece. 

For best results:

* Email your file in high-resolution in black and white
* When available please send your file in one of the following formats:
               * .pdf , .svg , .ai , .eps  
* If you do have a strong black and white logo and do not have it in one of the above formats you can send it in a high quality .png or .jpeg

Stamp Sizes:

1"x2", 2"x2", 2"x3", 2"x4"
Please contact me for a larger stamp


Don't forget to order Ink!